Amazon Go cashier-less stores are coming to Chicago and San Francisco

Shoppers scan in to enter and shop at Amazon Go in Seattle

The chain, which now has just one location in the online retailer's hometown of Seattle, will use a specially developed series of cameras and sensors to track customers as they shop, asking only that Chicagoans open their Amazon Go app before entering, and thus allowing shoppers to have their purchases charged directly to their online account upon leaving. Amazon promises customers will never have to wait in line or pull out your wallet.

Amazon's cashier-free grocery store of the future is coming to San Francisco and Chicago. You just walk out. The Seattle store has got cameras and multiple sensors that track customers as well as the inventories when they move around.

Talking about Amazon Go, it's a revolutionary store that holds nearly everything. Each store will also have staff members who will be there to make sure the shelves are restocked and assist new customers who are hesitant about how it all works. The Chicago store would be built at 203 North LaSalle Street, in the heart of the Loop. "I don't know, I like my local grocery store". Then they open the app on their phone and scan it at one of the four turnstiles to enter the 1,800 square foot store. Another woman in Chicago said she'd still like to have face-to-face interaction with cashiers and baggers.

The announcement came after the San Francisco Chronicle reported that an Amazon Go store may be coming to the city's Union Square neighborhood. Amazon is already in the grocery business. The company now owns Whole Foods and a number of bookstores. It bought the upscale chain in June 2017 for $13.7 billion. It bought grocer Whole Foods previous year, which gave it 470 stores, and has opened more than a dozen bookstores. The decision on where that location will be should be made by the end of the year.

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