Nanny to be sentenced in killing of two kids

Nanny to be sentenced in killing of two kids

They both hit out at "evil" Ortega and her family, with Mr Krim accusing them of showing complete "disregard for morals, ethics or basic human decency" and calling her a "malignant narcissist" who had never shown a sign of remorse. "We miss feeling their soft skin in our arms". Disclosing a sentence, the civil servant has called Ortega a "pure evil". Ortega, who's from the Dominican Republic, had been recommended by her sister, a nanny for another NY family, and her background and references were faked by her family.

Marina Krim had described on the stand walking through the family's darkened apartment, Nessie in tow, looking for her other two children the day of October 25, 2012. I see Leo - they have blood on them, all over her dress.

"I ask for a great deal of forgiveness", Ortega said through a Spanish-English interpreter.

Kevin Krim, the kids father, was off on a business trip at the time of their 2012 killings.

Her sister Celia said the nanny had "snapped" after neighbours revealed she had been visibly unravelling in the months before the sickening murder.

"We could not find a strongly credible proof that the defendant was not aware and able to recognize what was going on", Curtis said.

Dad Kevin Krim says it's right nanny Yoselyn Ortega (YOH'-sih-lihn ohr-TAY'-guh) "should live and rot and die in a metal case".

Ortega's lawyer argued she was too mentally ill to know what she was doing when she killed the children.

The nanny's defence team argued she suffered from "chronic mental illness" and was mentally incapable of being held responsible for her actions.

Over the eight-week trial, jurors were subjected to stomach-churning photos and testimony spanning the children's final moments, the family's heartbreak and Ortega's alleged descent into madness.

Krim had been at a swimming class with her 3-year-old daughter, Nessie Krim. But when Krim arrived, Lulu wasn't there. She had been working for the Krim family for almost two years when she took the children to the back bathroom of their apartment and killed them.

Medical experts testified that Lucia fought bravely and sustained more than 30 nicks, slices and stabs from Ortega.

Ortega then took the knife to her own throat in an apparent suicide attempt.

At the sentencing, Marina Krim talked about what that crime scene may have done to Nessie, even though she has grown into a strong, happy child.

"The defendant set out to destroy what Kevin and I created and built: an inspired, happy, thriving family", Marina Krim said.

At Ortega's trial, Kevin Krim testified that when his plane landed in NY that night in October 2012, he was met by police, who escorted him to the hospital where the bodies of his dead children had been brought, along with his wife and surviving child.

"I still represent to you that she does not know what she was doing anymore than an infant, a brute or a wild beast", Greenberg told the judge of Ortega, pleading for what she called "mercy, not sympathy, but mercy, compassion".

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