Google Drive's new plans bring family sharing and more options

Google Drive's new plans bring family sharing and more options

At its core, Google One is essentially the same as the paid version of Google Drive, except that there will be more options for users to choose from. It will also add more versatility for those who opt for the basic free account with 15 GB of storage.

Users who pay the new tariff plans will receive support from the experts at Google, thanks to which you will be able to understand the company's products and advanced settings.

Currently Google Drive offers 15GB free storage for customers, but it has paid plans as well with 100GB and higher data. Google announced a new storage plan and a price drop for another plan yesterday as well.

Google One will allow up to five family members to share a One paid plan, with each member receiving their own, private storage space. The 2TB plan, which usually costs $19.99 will be available for $9.99 per month under the newly introduced Google One.

Google One will also give subscribers access to perks. Current customers with the 1TB plan will be upgraded to 2TB automatically. Users will also gain access to extras from other Google products such as credits on Google Play or deals on select hotels found in Google Search. Rather, it will no longer be the label Google puts on the gigabytes or terabytes of storage you share across its platforms. The company states that it will add more benefits over time.

With the image size of high-quality photos increasing and the more recent arrival of 4K HDR video recording, the free storage space is unlikely to cut it forever.

Interestingly, Google has not only only revamped its cloud storage plans but also added a new feature to its service.

One of the leaders in bundling services with cloud storage has been Microsoft, whose cheapest Office 365 subscription (Office 365 Personal, at $6.99/mo) pushes the Office 365 app suite, with a terabyte of OneDrive storage tacked on for good measure.

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