Egypt condemns terror attack on Indonesian police station

Egypt condemns terror attack on Indonesian police station

East Java Police have reportedly asked for a helping hand from several psychiatrists to assist the orphaned children in dealing with their psychological trauma. The newspaper reported that 12 worshippers died in the church attacks.

Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country, has struggled in recent months with a rise in Islamist militancy, which has come as ISIS has been squeezed out of its heartland in Syria and Iraq. Jemaah Islamiyah, the al-Qaida affiliated network responsible for the Bali attacks, was obliterated by a sustained crackdown on militants by Indonesia's counterterrorism police with US and Australian support. With her two daughters present, Kuswati hugged a parishioner before detonating her bomb, according to the Associated Press which cited a security guard. The third was detonated outside the Surabaya Central Pentecost Church.

At least four people were killed and more than 40 wounded in the first attack at the Santa Maria Roman Catholic Church, officials said.

Video footage of the latest attack on the police headquarters shows two motorbikes approaching a checkpoint just before the blast.

He said the church bombers and the police headquarters attackers were friends, as were another family whose homemade bombs exploded in their apartment Sunday night.

Karnavian also told reporters Monday that none of the families involved in the attacks had recently traveled to Syria, but Oepriarto had close links with someone who had recently returned from Syria who may have inspired him to carry out the attacks.

The youngest in Anton's family, GA, will have to undergo intensive medical treatment at the Bhayangkara Ngagel Hospital for burns. At least seven others were killed in the blasts.

Islamic State has said it was behind the bombings, which were the worst since a series of attacks on churches on Christmas Eve in 2000 killed 15 people and wounded almost 100. He also said the attacks could also be in retaliation to the arrest of two suspected terrorists and the deaths of four others May 4 in Bogor.

Karnavian identified the father as Dita Futrianto and said he was head of the Surabaya cell of Jemaah Anshorut Daulah, an Indonesian militant network affiliated with IS that has been implicated in attacks in Indonesia in the past year.

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