AT&T Chief Says It Made a 'Big Mistake' Hiring Michael Cohen

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The three senators have 16 questions for Stephenson about who at AT&T set up the contract with Essential Consultants, what its timeframe was, how the payments were structured and who proposed them, and how AT&T determined that Cohen "was qualified to advise on policy matters". John McCain's opposition to President Donald Trump's pick for Central Intelligence Agency director by saying Thursday morning that "he's dying anyway", a White House official told CNN. "These days, Trump aide says something very bad isn't really news; it's just an assumed fact, like gravity, or the fact that Young Sheldon will someday grow up and look nothing like Jim Parsons, and then all hell will break loose because the world can't handle an inconsistency like that".

John Oliver tore into President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen during a Last Week Tonight segment on Sunday, branding the embattled figure a "political novice" and "total moron". Other big companies with business before the Trump administration, included AT&T and drug conglomerate Novartis, also paid huge sums to the fixer. Michael Avenatti, the attorney for Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, shared documents showing AT&T paid the company $200,000.

He added that "millions of dollars for access to Trump... is just freaky because I naturally assumed you gained access to the president by finding a golden ticket in your MAGA hat". Senators Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden and Richard Blumenthal noted that those payments were made, in spite of the fact that Cohen lacks experience and knowledge about tax reform, antitrust issues, and FCC policy. I'm the guy you should hire. I'm his personal lawyer.

AT&T told The New York Times that it was hoping to better understand the president's thinking, but Oliver called that "just ridiculous".

"So you wanted to know how the Trump administration works? Congratulations, you just got a fucking master class".

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