USPS needs your help to stamp out hunger

USPS needs your help to stamp out hunger

"There is need to eliminate hunger in the United States and what better way to use the letter carriers as a collection service to pick up the food from across the country", Hassler said.

People can participate by leaving a bag of nonperishable food by their mailbox Saturday.

Davis bourne, board chairman of Harvest Hope, says it's an easy way to help those in need. Food colleted from other counties will go to support different local food pantries as part of the campaign.

This year, they collected more than 79,000 lbs. of food, and they expect a little more to trickle in on Monday.

Richard Hatzenbuhler says, "It feels great to help out the community".

Blue bags and cardboard boxes full of food were out on front lawns Saturday morning as a way to fight hunger in the Chippewa Valley. Leave bagged items at your mailbox to be picked up by your letter carrier.

It was the annual stamp out hunger food drive, where mail carriers collect food along their postal routes.

Saturday, May 12, is the Stamp Out Hunger food drive across the U.S.

According to Schenkelberg, Green Bay's east side is expected to collect 56,000 pounds of food, and the west side food drive is expected to collect at least 60,000 pounds of food.

Area residents will receive plastic donation bags in their mail.

Nationally, they raised over 75 million pounds of food in 2017.

"We take (the food) back to the post office and weigh it, usually", Mustaine said.

Recommended items include pasta, oatmeal, canola oil, peanut butter and canned goods including beans, fruit, vegetables, soup, tuna in water, meat and sauce.

You can also make a cash donation.

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