See Deadpool profusely apologize to David Beckham

Richard E Grant cuddling a hake. Pic Fishlove  Rankin

That's right, the sequel is nearly upon us, which means it's time to watch even more hilarious Deadpool shenanigans.

Reynolds captioned the post: "Lovingly, Wade".

Deadpool 2 has seen its latest round of early screenings bring the film much critical praise which bodes well for the sequel's success at the box office. And the cameos. And the post-credit scenes.

Soon enough, Reynolds, in full Deadpool regalia, is at Beckham's door, offering a series of apologies, first with cookies, then with helium-filled balloons ("Too soon?") and even a mariachi band, getting nothing in return but door slams.

Regardless, with that purported beef now officially squashed, we can all move on to the release of Deadpool 2, which hits theaters on May 18.

Here are just a few reactions from people who've seen Deadpool 2. "But I knew 2.5 years ago that this was the last one". They especially singled out Cable, played by Thanos star Josh Brolin, and Peter, Rob Delaney's mild mannered dad who finds himself enrolled in the X-Force.

Now, we think this is a reference to Ryan's constant jibing at his friends (and even his wife) in the Deadpool films - Hugh looked straight down the camera and said: "Ryan, I love you, man". Great action, fantastic comic nods. Also it features my now favorite post-credit [s] scene. Avoid spoilers. Always makes it a better experience.

- Matt Singer (@mattsinger) May 10, 2018#Deadpool2 is no doubt the most violent major release since Kill Bill Volume 1. In typical coincidental fashion, Deadpool sends Beckham a text with "I'm sorry".

TMZ caught up with the Wolverine actor and asked him if he was going to be in Deadpool 2 or could potentially appear in future Deadpool movies.

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