Mets Bat Out of Order Against Reds, Lose Runner in Scoring Position

New York Mets Matt Harvey

The Mets batted out of order Wednesday, a freakish occurrence better suited for a beer softball league than the major leagues. But the official card given to the umpires had them flipped.

Reds interim manager Jim Riggleman alerted the Mets' error to the home plate umpire, and NY was automatically called for its final out of the inning, which ended with Cabrera in scoring position.

After Asdrubal Cabrera hit a ground-rule double, Reds manager Jim Riggleman ran out to speak with the umpire, and Cabrera was called out for batting out of order.

Further confusing things was the fact that almost everyone else in the stadium - the media, scoreboard operators, etc. - was given a lineup that had Wilmer Flores batting second and Cabrera hitting third, just as things played out on the field (the umpires' lineup card had it the other way around).

But hitting out of the first inning?

Because Flores and Cabrera had swapped places, a third out was awarded and the inning was deemed over.

Cabrera's double was erased officially. Mickey Callaway just earned whatever it is that the Mets earn for being the Mets. "It probably cost us the game".

Noah Syndergaard #34 of the New York Mets pitches to Dexter Fowler #25 of the St. Louis Cardinals in the first inning on Opening Day at Citi Field on March 29, 2018 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.

And the Cincinnati Reds were quick to respond with a jest on Twitter. The Mets had some fun with it on their Twitter page.

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