Google Maps is now like Pokémon Go

Google Maps is now like Pokémon Go

To use the new Visual Positioning System (VPS), you simply fire up the camera in Google Maps and look around.

Google Maps will even track your progress, so if you've already visited some top restaurants, you'll know which ones are left to try. With the new update, Google is planning on making the Maps more personalized for the users and to be more than just a navigation app.

Google Maps adds a Pokémon Go-like character as your navigation guide.

Google decided it was time to bring out a new Google Maps update and make it friendlier for users. These trending lists are based on Google's own algorithms, local experts, and also from various trusted publishers.

All these features will be rolled out to Google Maps on Android and iOS in the coming months.

First off, there's this tab called "For You". To avoid any such confusion, Google Maps will instead display blown-up 3D directions such as lit-up arrows and precise steps like "6th street is 100 feet away".

Places will have an automatic "match" score that shows Google's best guess as to how much you'll enjoy them as a percentage.

However, you won't get recommendations based only on new places.

This Augmented Reality function will complement the indications that we see in the app and will help us to get directions more easily. Afterwards, you will be able to share this list with your friends. This is done with the help of machine learning which is based on factors such as what Google knows about a business, food/beverage preferences selected in Google Maps, places a user has been to, and whether they've rated a restaurant or added to a list.

Google also announced adding new features to Google Lens.

Google will start this brand new Google Maps experience after this summer. This was revealed by Google on a demo video which is not clear if it was technically built or if the feature will be coming soon on our devices in the nearest future. For the time being, each these new features will only arrive at the program, not the internet.

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