IPhone X users facing rear camera, Face ID issues

IPhone X users facing rear camera, Face ID issues

Apple has updated its service policy for iPhone units exhibiting Face ID issues to allow for a whole unit replacement in certain cases, reports MacRumors.

Henceforth, Apple seems to be fixing the issue with issuing the service document to the workers in the service centers, which finally describes the proper procedure of conducting identification of their back cameras and trying repairs, even prior to replacing with the newest item.

According to reports, the Cupertino-based tech giant has asked the authorized service providers to first try to resolve the issues with the rear camera of the device. Key sources also indicate that the iPhone X has become the world's most popular handset in the first quarter of 2018. However, if the issues can not be resolved by changing the rear camera, the company has asked them to replace the entire phone.

Apple is in the headlines again for an issue that is said to be affecting the iPhone 7 series users. The lenses differ on which they do. It's unclear what specific connection the Face ID system has with that camera assembly.

The Redditor received a new phone to replace the iPhone X with Face ID issues, and the new internal document reveals that the process is now formalized. "My front facing camera works fine but the rear is messed up, which leads me to that conclusion".

Regardless, Apple has a fix and it has advised all Authorized Service Providers on how to tackle the problem.

This latest problem comes just a few days after Apple acknowledged that iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.3.1 have created significant problems for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. There have been instances where users explained that features like pano, slow-mo, and time-lapse still worked, while others did not. The document instructs employees to run a diagnostic test to detect rear camera issues and if so replace the camera. Interestingly, the company might offer a free warranty for the devices that are not under warranty but are affected by the issue.

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