Google I/O 2018: This is what to expect for Chrome OS

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In the meantime, here's some of what you can expect from the big show. Android Things will compete with Amazon's Greengrass system and Microsoft's Windows IoT.

In each category, Google's Android system posted less market share previous year than manufacturer-customized Android variants, which are less fruitful for Google because they typically are not pre-loaded or compatible with its apps.

We know that Android P will have native support for the pervasive "notch" and it might be getting another major overhaul with gesture support just like iPhone X. The company has recently disclosed that it has over 1 million "Actions" supported by Google Home smart speakers. Volvo's next-generation in-dash offering will use Android underpinnings, which will make it much easier to implement Google-based services like this. With regard to VR, we could see more recent, far more complex head-sets to take on famous brands Facebook's Oculus along with HTC's Vive.

So we'll see what happens here. The voice-based digital assistant will reduce the distractions for drivers. It arrives when the IoT market is clearly booming, but Android Things tries to streamline the development of gadgets in this area so vendors cannot only pump out new products, but keep them secure.

Volvo Cars is committed to developing strategic relationships with third parties to broaden the range of connected services offered to Volvo customers, embracing the disruption now underway in the vehicle industry.

Called "Android Things" the concept of a new home OS was revealed at their annual conference for developers and if as successful as their smartphone OS their Google Assistant technology will be used to control both refrigerators and robots and in the business space cash registers and vending machines. Hopefully, this I/O will be marked as the launch of this feature.

Why this matters: Android TV received Google Assistant support late last year and a UI overhaul with the Oreo update earlier this year, but app support is still lacking when compared to Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV.

However, with the rolling of the developer preview of its upcoming version of Wear OS, it teased few features like battery optimization, and along with that it also added a dark mode. And, the company's most important guess is Chrome OS, the multifunctional operating platform.

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