Build 2018: Microsoft's Cortana and Amazon Alexa integration is still a thing

Build 2018: Microsoft's Cortana and Amazon Alexa integration is still a thing

Microsoft still isn't giving a timeline as to when its virtual assistant, Cortana, will support integration with Amazon Alexa - something the companies had announced previous year.

You might look at us like we're insane geeks - and we are - but May 4 is one of those days where it's completely allowed, nearly like a Dad Joke Acceptance Day, except it applies to Star Wars because May 4 sounds like "may the force be with you".

Amazon and Google dominate the virtual assistant market with Alexa and Google Assistant respectively. First, the firm showed off accessing Cortana through an Amazon Echo.

"So we've been working with our friends across the lake at Amazon to really bring Alexa and Cortana together to benefit every developer and user".

In fact, to celebrate May The Fourth Be With You's "Star Wars Day" (because that's what it is), Amazon has added a few things to Alexa to celebrate the Star Wars fan-person in all of us. "It is a smart move to provide LOVE SPORT's rich and engaging content through the voice assistant channels where consumers are eagerly seeking out new sources of information and entertainment", said Pat Higbie, CEO and co-founder of XAPPmedia. The answer should be (or will be soon): "I like Cortana". The voice changed to Alexa and Taylor ordered an Uber to get to the restaurant. "We both have experience with light rings, although hers is more of a Halo". Microsoft will also allow this cross-platform feature for Alexa on Cortana. Oh, hardy-har-har. So she could use Cortana from an Amazon Alexa powered smart speaker.

When Taylor saw the email on Outlook on his PC, he first asked Cortana the location of a restaurant, but then he said, "Open Alexa".

The new integration is going to be available as part of a limited beta, with Microsoft encouraging interested parties to register their interest here.

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