Google will verify the identity of those buying United States political ads

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Starting this summer, Google will launch a new Transparency Report that focuses specifically on these election advertisements.

The news, announced Friday in a blog post by Google Senior Vice President Kent Walker, takes effect later this year - in advance of November's midterm elections.

The tech giant will now require that customers who buy political ads that appear to U.S users provide a government issued ID and "other key information" to confirm that they are US citizens or permanent residents, Google said on Friday. Cambridge Analytica, a consulting company that worked with Donald Trump's election team harvested data from 87 million U.S. citizens' Facebook profiles, according to The Guardian.

In a bid to better understand people who is paying for an election ad on Google, the company says that it's now requiring that such ads have a clear disclosure of who paid for them.

Walker added that more changes to how Google handles political ads were still to come.

"Our work on elections goes far beyond improving policies for advertising". The report will detail who's buying election ads and how much they spent.

Google has branched outside the technology industry in order to protect election integrity.

"As a first step, we'll now require that advertisers confirm they are a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident, as required by law", Kent Walker, Senior Vice President at Google, said in a statement late Friday. Google's Advanced Protection Program, our strongest level of account security for those who face increased risk of sophisticated phishing attacks sent to their email address, now supports Apple's native applications on iOS devices, including Apple Mail, Calendar and Contacts. He explained that this is meant to protect campaigns and officials who are often the targets of sophisticated phishing attacks.

Apart from Google, Facebook and Twitter both have been involved in similar scandals.

Google to verify advertisers in the US. "Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming months".

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