Waymo self-driving van involved in crash

               Operator of self-driving Waymo vehicle injured in Chandler crash        The investigation is ongoing

The Waymo minivan was not at fault during the crash that occurred at the intersection of Chandler Boulevard and Los Feliz Drive, said Seth Tyler, a Chandler Police Department detective. As the Honda swerved, it entered the westbound lanes of Chandler Boulevard and ended up hitting the Waymo minivan.

It remains unclear if the Waymo minivan had any passengers at the time of the collision and Tyler couldn't confirm whether or not the driver of the Honda suffered any injuries.

Both the vehicles were towed from the scene.

The Waymo vehicle, a Chrysler Pacifica, was struck by a human-piloted Honda sedan that swerved to avoid hitting another auto, according to a police statement reported by the Associated Press. According to reports, people got minor injuries.

It swerved sharply before crashing into the driver's side of the Waymo vehicle.

Early reports were that the Waymo Chrysler was in autonomous mode, but Waymo and police later said it was in manual mode.

The crash between the Waymo self-driving vehicle and the Honda sedan again proves that the technology is still in its early phase. Arizona changed its rules on autonomous vehicle testing late in 2017, opening the door to driverless cars being operated without a human behind the wheel.

This is the second known self-driving vehicle crash in the Phoenix area in the past two months.

Waymo has released footage of the crash, which was taken by the self-driving car's cameras.

A pedestrian in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe died in March after she was struck by a self-driving Uber vehicle.

Google faces a huge criticism after its autonomous vehicle crashes into a Honda city in Chandler, Arizona. Uber's autonomous auto operations have since been suspended in Arizona.

ABC15 has reached out to Waymo for a comment on the crash.

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