Apple-made 4 of Those 5 Bestselling Smartphones at Q1: Strategy Analytics

Apple-made 4 of Those 5 Bestselling Smartphones at Q1: Strategy Analytics

Apple appears to have about 4.9 billion shares outstanding (this data, too, is inconsistent), which would properly give AAPL a market cap of roughly $901 billion. The iPhone accounted for more than 60 percent of Apple's revenue past year.

RBC analyst Amit Daryanani believes it will take Apple four to five years to deplete its cash reserves, assuming the company doesn't make a huge acquisition. Would you have been able to stay invested in Apple considering all of the rumors about the iPhone that appear every few weeks?

While all seems well with Apple and demand for iPhone X, the overall smartphone market does not seem to be doing that well after all. Revenue climbed 16 percent to $61 billion.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had made it clear all that money would be left overseas if the tax on foreign profits wasn't cut. Surprisingly iPhone 7 has also seen 5.6 million units shipped, apparently, this figure is a fall from its record 21.5 million units in Q1 2017. Apple is the biggest holding in Berkshire Hathaway, comprising some 25% of its assets. How does Apple keep growth happening in a product line that's already so large and successful?

An Apple Music subscription costs $10 (roughly Rs. 670) per month (unless they're on a family plan), and the number of paying users recently hit 40 million. The company now has 270 million paid subscribers across applications and its own services, up by 100 million from the same period a year ago. In fact, reports suggest that there could be more good news coming in for Apple in the coming months.

With the release of Apple's quarterly results on Tuesday, though, Apple and the iPhone are still riding high. According to a report that emerged in Korea, the next iPhone X will have a full screen, without any level. However, that wasn't the case with iPhone sales beating estimates.

Looking ahead, Apple expects its strong year-over-year growth to persist.

Apple shares are up 3.2% to $182.53, continuing to gain on this morning's Berkshire Hathaway news. "Xiaomi has become wildly popular across India and China", wrote Linda Sui, director at Strategy Analytics. "It's a terrific market and we're proud to be a part of it".

Still, he rejected the idea that the smartphone market has become saturated. All three new iPhones are world's best selling phones and tops the charts.

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