Google renovating Gmail iOS & Web interfaces

Google renovating Gmail iOS & Web interfaces

The idea is to make Gmail more of a hub for productivity.

The new Gmail will be available to businesses that have opted in to Google's G Suite Early Adopter Program. It's still a much-needed new coat of paint - Gmail hadn't seen a significant redesign since 2012.

High-priority notifications [Gmail app]: The Gmail app was not left out as Google today unveiled high-priority notifications. Not to be undone by others, email snoozing has now been integrated into Gmail.

Gmail is also importing one of the more useful features from its mobile app, bringing over Smart Replies, which offers up three short prewritten replies based on how you respond to email and the context of the email itself. The sent link leaves your mailbox from where the recipient is able to access it via his Gmail account or another email service.

The mobile app is getting a few updates as well.

Messages can be revoked after being sent, Thacker said. Assistive unsubscribe will automatically track the various newsletters you receive and make unsubscribe suggestions for ones you never read. Lastly, updated security warnings and anti-malware settings have been implemented. Google says its phishing and scam warnings have gotten more sophisticated thanks to machine learning, and warnings are now a huge red banner instead of a relatively more subtle yellow warning at the top of the page.

Confidential mode: This new feature allows you to set an expiration date for all your sensitive email.

Finally, one feature that had been spotted was the ability to set an expiration on an email.

For anyone who's used corporate emails clients like Outlook, a lot of this may sound familiar.

Google and rival technology titans such as Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft have followed people into the internet cloud with services, digital content, and software hosted online at data centers but accessed from the gamut of devices. You may have to wait.

Confidential mode will begin to roll out to personal Gmail users and a limited number of G Suite customers in coming weeks, according to Google. While we originally thought this redesign would exclusively focus on the web implementation of Gmail, it turns out that there are also some new features coming to mobile as well.

Taking a queue from Snapchat, which lets its users send photos that permanently delete in a few seconds, the Gmail re-skin has a fresh focus on privacy.

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