Shooting in United States restaurant kills 4

Shooting in United States restaurant kills 4

In 2017, the U.S. Secret Service arrested Reinking for being in a "restricted area" near the White House, according to Nashville police.

All of Nashville is grateful to James Shaw Jr. for intervening to prevent even more deaths and injuries at the Waffle House this morning.

Aaron said Reinking was known to both IL and federal law enforcement.

Police believe Reinking's father claimed the weapons after they were confiscated and returned them to his son.

Special Agent Todd Hudson in Nashville says Travis Reinking "wanted to set up a meeting with the president".

A police department in Alabama found itself mired in controversy on Sunday after footage showing officers forcefully arrest a young black woman surfaced online.

Authorities suspect that the gunman, who is still on the loose, may have two weapons on him: a long gun and a handgun.

Reinking may still have two weapons as police continue their manhunt, Aaron said.

Police have issued arrest warrants charging Reinking with multiple counts of criminal homicide.

This is James Shaw.

The Metro Nashville Police Department said the gunman, who was armed with a rifle, fled after a customer wrestled the weapon from him. The shooter ran away, taking off a green jacket a short distance from the restaurant and apparently walking away naked.

A sheriff in IL says Travis Reinking's state firearms card was revoked a year ago by state police, but his guns were given to his father with the promise that they wouldn't be shared with his son. Police said a shirtless man wearing trousers believed to be Reinking was spotted in nearby woods.

AR-15 assault rifles are commonly used in mass shootings in America.

"If I let him load that weapon it wasn't going to be another chance", Shaw said.

"Crissy and I are deeply saddened by the tragic incident in Antioch early this morning, and we mourn the lives taken in this senseless act of violence". "I figured if I was going to die, he was going to have to work for it".

He hit the gunman in the head with a door, then wrestled for control of the gun. "He didn't look around for anybody, he just kinda got out and just started shooting and there just happened to be two people standing right outside", Cordero told WTVF.

Shaw said he had just seen restaurant workers stacking up freshly washed plates and thought at first that plates had crashed down.

Shaw heard the gunshots outside the restaurant.

The gunman, who is still at large, shot and killed two people in the parking of a Waffle House restaurant in Antioch near Nashville, Tennessee, shortly before 3.30am on Sunday local time.

Witness Chuck Cordero told The Tennessean newspaper he was outside the restaurant when the chaos unfolded.

"He did not say anything", Cordero said.

Police said they believe Shaw's actions and quick thinking saved many lives. "There was plenty more people in that restaurant", he said.

"My heart goes out to the families & friends of every person who was killed or wounded", Briley said in an emailed statement.

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