Bill Cosby's Lawyers Lose Fifth Bid for Mistrial

Bill Cosby departs after his sexual assault trial Wednesday

"I like the petting, the touching", Cosby told the officers who interviewed him about the alleged sexual encounters between himself and accuser Andrea Constand.

Judge Steven O'Neill rejected a defense motion that he acquit Cosby and send jurors home - the defense's fifth bid for a mistrial.

Constand testified at Cosby's first trial last year that she and Williams were good friends and would speak "at all hours of the day: morning, noon, and night" and were in touch as she went to police in January 2005 with allegations he drugged and molested her about a year earlier.

This is an old admission that's taken on new significance at the comedian's sexual assault retrial after a half-dozen women testified that he drugged and violated them.

Prosecutors also unleashed other passages from Cosby's graphic deposition, including his accounts of purported sexual encounters with Constand and how he apologized to her mother a year later for being "a dirty old man with a young girl".

In court papers, James has laid out an elaborate, document-heavy argument that Constand's alleged assault fell outside the time period in which prosecutors could legally charge Cosby with a crime.

Debbie Meister, Cosby's personal assistant since 2010, testified about Cosby's private plane schedules in January 2004.

The defense team claimed that Ryan used words like "create" over and over again in front of the jury to suggest that Jackson's statement was not her own.

Prosecutor M. Stewart Ryan, during cross-examination, said Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele prosecuted a drug case in 2002 that resulted in the seizure of thousands of illegal Quaaludes.

At the start of the trial, the District Attorney's Office released for the first time that Constand was paid by Cosby almost $3.4 million in a 2005 civil suit.

Dr. Timothy Rohrig, a forensic toxicologist called by prosecutors, testified Thursday that quaaludes can make people sleepy.

But a different expert called by Cosby's defense team said she couldn't have felt those symptoms so quickly or severely from the Benadryl that Cosby said he gave her. They said she'd show that Constand "could not have been the unwitting victim" prosecutors have portrayed.

The judge says there is "simply no grounds for a mistrial" and that Cosby's lawyers are raising the issue too late.

Jackson said she encouraged Constand to report it.

Charles Kipps, a writer who worked with Cosby, testified he met Constand and Williams for dinner in NY as Constand was moving back to Canada in March 2004.

Before jurors began hearing Cosby's testimony about quaaludes, prosecutors on Wednesday called to the witness stand Judith Regan, who published Cosby accuser Janice Dickinson's memoir.

Bill Cosby's lawyers have turned to their star witness in the comedian's sexual assault retrial. That trial ended without a verdict after jurors deadlocked.

He said she regularly smoked marijuana and that she told him she wanted to forge a career in sports broadcasting and become a millionaire. The judge changed his mind about Jackson for the retrial, giving the defence case a huge boost.

Outside court, Cosby spokeswoman Ebonee Benson said investigators intentionally ignored Jackson's allegations because they've "always known how damaging this testimony would be".

The Associated Press doesn't typically identify people who say they're victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand and Dickinson have done.

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