Apple might debut iPhone SE 2 in May with no headphone jack

Apple might debut iPhone SE 2 in May with no headphone jack

The iPhone 7 also received updated cameras - 7MP camera on the front and 12MP camera on the back. It looked like consumers really would pay more than a grand for one of those shiny things that have become the organizational center of our lives. The reports are hinting at May or June launch of the next generation iPhone SE. And, according to several specialist Apple websites, including MacRumours and Apple Insider, the smart money is on a cheaper alternative to the iPhone X. William Blair reaffirmed an "outperform" rating on shares of Apple in a research note on Friday, February 2nd.

According to Kuo, new iPhone SE model is expected to be the part of Apple's roadmap this year with cheaper components but a slightly upgraded processor.

In 2018, Apple isn't going to dish out an iPhone 9 or iPhone 9 plus. TSMC cited "weak demand" in the smartphone industry for its reduced forecast.

Some analysts say that Apple's iPhone sales would go down and some others predict that iPhone X would be discontinued by Apple this year citing inventory issues. Campling believes its the X's price that's preventing people from buying. And its silence on the topic is making matters worse. With the repeated criticism of Apple products such as iPhones, MacBook Pro Laptops, the Apple shares suffered 4 percent drop on Friday. "Apple's capital return announcement could amount to a "sell the news" type of event, especially if forward estimates are revised materially downward". "Because the iPhone X is dead", CNBC quotes Campling's letter to his clients. It was selling for over $1000 and most people didn't like it. "While the numbers may abate a bit, it's still hot".

The Touch ID button is still in place, which means the handset isn't getting an iPhone X-like makeover. Most of the answers Piper Jaffray received were at least related to price.

He added that iPhone X didn't work because it was very expensive. 44% said "my iPhone works fine", a decision that's necessarily influenced by the cost of the alternative-upgrading.

Apple is reportedly working on the iPhone SE successor, and it widely expected to launch the smartphone sometime in May. "As more durable, higher margin Services become the central driver of growth, we see room for further re-rating of AAPL shares", she wrote. Another analyst said that the iPhone X will actually be killed off this year after the company faced a number of supply chain issues. Some macro factorsare at play, too. And people are holding onto their older phones longer. And like the iPhone 5, it had the "large" (at the time) 4-inch screen. Price of the dual-SIM phone will be approx.

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