Princeton Record Exchange gears up for National Record Store Day

Princeton Record Exchange gears up for National Record Store Day

The celebration was conceived at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees in 2007, with the inaugural Record Store Day taking place the next year. Record Store Day will last during normal business hours from 10 6 p.m., but live music begins at 2 p.m., and admission is free. The mystery record will be delivered to participating record stores Friday. Plan to arrive on time for the freebies and limited releases or face the crushing disappointment of having missed out.

Grace Records will be among the many independent record stores across the Valley celebrating Record Store Day.

There will also be special release albums at all Record Day participating stores.

McDonald said Blank Coffee Comics Records will have prizes that include posters, gift cards, records and record players.

Doug Zimmerman, owner of Orbit Records at the Town and Country Shopping Center in Mishawaka, said that Record Store Day and its releases are important for generating interest in the community.

In 2018 sales are continuing to rise and people are continuing to buy more vinyl than ever - and you could be a part of it, hon! The audio quality and the physical connection to the music continues to make vinyl popular, said Daniel Matti, the general manager at Schoolkids, which has two locations in Raleigh and Chapel Hill.

Instead of live bands, McDonald said Blank will offer concert movies and documentaries on their patio. "They come in and they have a good time". The day is going to be packed with specials, events and giveaways, with a secret special guest to be announced the day of.

After Saturday, Yelin said stores are allowed to sell their leftover inventory online, if there is any.

Stores will get special vinyl and cd releases made exclusively for the day.

George Whitaker, 24, was visiting Nottingham from Derby for his third Record Store Day. "They love a lot of the indie music that's out today".

"We sell records that you wouldn't expect a kid to know", Yoshitomi said, while pointing out that, even though his West Village shop sells a hearty mix of genres to all different types of customers, they've turned to the Internet to move merchandise, as well.

After a year of selling record albums - and seeing its initial stock of about 500 increase tenfold - B's Music in Mt.

"Even a lot of the young people who can not even play the records just buy them as collectors items".

"There are a few problems with the smaller labels struggling to get things pressed but I think people generally just enjoy it - it's rare that people enjoy queuing so much!" She started her collection with her dad's records - original records from The Temptations and Motown, the music her dad grew up listening to. "But it was cool because they hadn't released any of their stuff yet, but as they were found they updated their website with the actual song in there, so you got to listen to it a week early". There's no live music to be had, but we'd be remiss to omit this long-standing paradise for crate-diggers in St. Louis.

Yelin said there will be other goodies for attendees, as well.

"A lot of people were really, really overwhelmed, and that, to me, was just the essence of what a record store can be, because music is emotion", Colliton said.

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