Russian Federation asks Google and Apple to remove Telegram from their app stores

Alexandr Ryumin  TASS

Durov pointed out that although not that many people in Russian Federation use Telegram - the country accounts for about 7 percent of the app's user base - the market is important for him on personal grounds. So far, none of the companies have complied.

While losing Russia-based users - estimated at 7 percent of Telegram's total base - would not have a long-term negative impact on the app, Durov said "it is important for me personally to make sure we do everything we can for our Russian users".

Russia's state telecommunication regulator wants Apple and Google to remove the Telegram messenger apps from their respective app stores. The team behind APKMirror took to Twitter to reveal that ... Telegram uses both Google and Amazon's services to provide its service to users. Telegram didn't comply because Telegram conversations are end-to-end encrypted; meaning there is no encryption key to hand over.

Many Telegram supporters have criticized the Russian government's decision to target the app on social media. Rozcomnadzor said the court ruling against Telegram compelled it to take whatever action is needed to take Telegram down but with at least 1,834,996 addresses now confirmed blocked, it remains unclear what effect it's had on the service.

The Russian government is flexing its muscles when it comes to the Telegram app.

In its zeal to shut down Telegram, which was founded by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov and his brother in 2013, millions of ordinary Russians, their businesses, and others have found themselves entangled in a cyber dragnet along with much bigger entities.

After an 18-minute hearing, a Moscow court gave the go-ahead for Telegram to be banned in Russian Federation.

Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower living in Russia, also came out in support of Telegram's founder, Pavel Durov, on Tuesday, tweeting: "I have criticized @telegram's security model in the past, but @Durov's response to the Russian government's totalitarian demand for backdoor access to private communications - refusal and resistance - is the only moral response, and shows real leadership". It has demanded that two top software companies eliminate the app. It started years ago with apps like AOL Instant Messenger and has evolved into a ...

Free cross-platform messaging app Telegram isn't playing ball.

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