Amy Schumer Refused to Be Retouched in 'I Feel Pretty'

Amy Schumer Refused to Be Retouched in 'I Feel Pretty'

"I think it's simple".

Bryant, on Schumer: "There are so many things about Amy, so many things I learned from her, but if I had to truly boil it down to one thing: She has an incredible sense of knowing what she wants to do".

"Simply living out that, enjoying that role, convincing myself that I was a supermodel - it was so fun".

After the mind-altering head injury (a perspective-change the movie does a poor job of explaining, perhaps feeding the controversy), the newly assertive Renee gets the job in the executive suite, a place dominated by the firm's legendary matriarch (Lauren Hutton), who is in the process of turning the operation over to her intimidated, doll-voiced daughter (Michelle Williams, in a rare comic turn). It's wonderful. I Feel Pretty offers both, and it's a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

Writer/directors Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein give "I Feel Pretty" a bouncy pace, and Schumer's Renee is a likable, vulnerable heroine. It feels nice, I feel settled with him, he is my partner, no question. Whether I liked it or not, I was paying attention. It's my dog. I can't wait to see my dog, and to go to sleep.

I recommend this as a film to watch on date night, or when out with a few girlfriends.

Just kidding! It was exactly as offensive and infuriating as I thought it would be, and I'm mad!

I feel prettiest when I don't think about what I look like, when I feel really comfortable. Of course that is the way only she sees herself, not others, but it has a crippling effect on her life and career - uneil she takes a nasty fall while participating in a SoulCycle class.

Nothing can make Amy Schumer blush. Ethan begun as unsure about the relationship, but grew affectionate towards Renee because of her boldness and fearlessness as a result of her confidence.

Martin was the champion until Muhammad Ali's daughter Laila arrived on the scene and beat her in 2003. Who knows what you could accomplish if you only believed? Schumer has actual six-pack abs. But she's always tried to show the sometimes idiotic constraints women have to deal with (see her "Last F-able Day" sketch if you need convincing). Her legs are thick and toned as hell.

In fact, she embraces her cellulite. "He wants cellulite, stretch marks".

As the 36-year-old comedienne is an attractive woman already, many felt the film perpetuated poor body image in Tinseltown. And if we did, we wouldn't want to be laughed at for it.

The criticism notwithstanding, that part of the movie showcases more heart from Schumer than we've seen in some of her previous vehicles, while employing a slightly toned-down approach that avoided an "R" rating. "I love you. Thank you for having sex with me", she said, as the packed crowd roared with laughter, adding, "And for loving me". Especially stuff for women!

When do you feel prettiest? "But I realize now that's a luxury, and there's so much work to be done".

Instead, my reward for wanting to believe celebrities' publicists was sitting in a theater and feeling shitty for two hours.

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