Amazon rolls out Alexa Skill Blueprints in the US

The new Blueprints tool is an effort to open up customization of Alexa most often found in Amazon’s Echo-branded speakers to people without a background in software

The following video shows users how to create their own Alexa Blueprints. With the Alexa Skills Blueprints, revealed Thursday, users can create custom skills based on provided blueprint outlines.

Blueprints range in complexity and usefulness-some are just for fun, like the various types of trivia games you can customize.

Next, head to the Skill Blueprints page - and consider bookmarking it, because this is where you'll come to add future Blueprints and manage the ones you have. Each blueprint comes with pre-filled content but you can change which ever parts that you'd like. This makes the skill or response available to all Alexa-enabled devices associated with your own Amazon account.

The Spot features numerous same features that Amazon's other Echo products do, including access to the 15,000 local "skills" (applications) available through Amazon and other third parties. Click "Make Your Own" to then write your own trivia questions, possible answers, and choose which answer is correct for each question. The Alexa Skills Kit encourages third-party developers to build skills for Alexa. Instead, you just ask your questions.

The closest offering that Alexa rival Google Assistant has to Blueprints are "routines", which started to become available to Google Home users last month. This will be the name users use to open the skill. All you have to do is start filling in the blanks on the company's website.

The Echo Spot contains second generation far-field technology with four microphones, acoustic beam-forming technology and enhanced noise cancellation so it can hear you from across the room-even while music is playing.

How do you find your custom Alexa skills?

It also claims to make travel discovery engaging by taking the process beyond single-user web/mobile screens and allowing users to plan their travels with family and friends.Cleartrip additionally sends the top three search results to the Alexa app, for adding flexibility and convenience to the flight research process.

Other skills allow users to impart information to other Echo listeners, such as a skill that offers helpful information for the babysitter by starting with "Alexa, open My Sitter".

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