Best options for New York Giants in the NFL Draft

2018 NFL mock draft Redskins bet on Derrius Guice in new expert mock

There will be no shortage of first-round "variables" that can change the shape of the draft.

In our latest mock draft round up, let's look at a few notable outlets that have the 49ers going linebacker, choosing between Georgia's Roquan Smith and Tremaine Edmunds of Virginia Tech in Round 1.

Without the assurance that any trades will be made prior to the draft, this mock will keep all trades where they belong in the rumor mill. "But to me, he's the odds-on favorite for the New York Giants at No. 2", McShay said.

Former NFL quarterback and No. 1 overall draft pick Michael Vick said Jackson is "the spitting image" of himself, per NFL Media's Chase Goodbread. Factor in his toughness, his football IQ and his burning desire to win and, well, talk about a great fit for a team that hasn't had a franchise quarterback in four decades. Darnold is still plenty raw, but with tons of upside, while Rosen is this year's most polished, pro-ready passer. Starting with the 1st overall pick, I would be on board with anyone except Josh Allen.

The football world will never know how bad he is outside of the leadership regime of the Jets but let's just say he's probably a awful quarterback.

Titans Online presented that question to ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper on Wednesday during a conference call.

A repeat of 2012 would be, as usual, bad news for the Browns and worse news for Barkley, a tantalizing prospect out of Penn State (yet, like all running backs this year, not a sure thing). You know from watching the National Football League, you get a lot of pressure. The New York Jets got the No. 3 pick, while the Buffalo Bills moved from No. 21 to No. 12 with an eye on perhaps going up even further. "And I've heard really strong that there are important people in that building that believe in Saquon Barkley".

According to the New York Post, Dave Gettleman views Barkley as the near ideal prospect and they got some insight from someone close to the Giants.

So, that got me thinking: which QB does each of the top EDGEs compare to? "Now you can take Barkley and get an additional pick, and we can go up and get our guy, '?"

That's what I think the Giants will do, at least today. You can quibble over Manning's "greatness", but the fact is that he ended up being worth the draft-day trade and the high pick. I'm kind of a guy that goes back to, when I watch quarterbacks, it's decision-making and accuracy.

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