Kim Jong-un's China Reset Continues With Senior CCP Official's Visit

Trump says will quit N Korea talks if not'fruitful
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The U.S. president and North Korean leader are poised to hold talks in late May or June, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Meanwhile, Trump says five locations are under consideration for the historic U.S.

Prime Minister Abe praised President Trump's leadership, saying his "unwavering conviction as well as his determination" have made peace talks with North Korea possible.

"Japan and ourselves are locked, and we are very unified on the subject of North Korea", he said. I really believe there's a lot of good will; a lot of good things are happening.

"I want to reaffirm our cooperation on North Korea, our cooperation on economic matters, and show the strong ties between our two countries", Abe told reporters before leaving Tokyo.

The art troupe performed on Saturday at the Mansudae Art Theatre, and the North Korean leader Kim's wife Ri Sol Ju watched a ballet 'Giselle, ' performed by the National Ballet of China, but Kim was not present, the KCNA said. Those expectations soon faded after USA intelligence analysts viewing satellite photos of the expanded Yongbyon complex concluded that Kim Il Sung was in the early stages of building a bomb. CBS News' Major Garrett, who has spoken with Trump administration officials, said that number appears to be lower.

Shah reiterated Trump's plans to meet with Kim, saying the USA -led worldwide pressure campaign against Pyongyang "has paid dividends and has brought the North Koreans to the table".

They discussed various ways to expand sports exchange between the two sides and agreed to push for a joint entrance of South and North Korean athletes at the Asian Games in Indonesia, held from August 18 to September 2.

Trump's comments on North Korea occurred inside his ornate, gold-leafed ballroom at Mar-a-Lago. "South Korea is meeting and has plans to meet to see if they can end the war and they have my blessing on that".

Playboy model free to discuss Trump'affair
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Playboy model free to discuss Trump'affair Read more

The threatened tariffs on a $150 billion worth of Chinese goods, and $50 billion of United States goods, would dent economic growth on both sides of the Pacific, analysts say.

This photo, carried by North Korea's state news agency on April 15, 2018, shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (C) meeting with Song Tao, the head of the worldwide department at the Central Committee of the Communist Party (R), in Pyongyang a day earlier. Trump greeted Abe at the red-carpeted door of the mansion as the pair posed for photos ahead of a planned one-on-one meeting.

North Korea, with support of China and Russian Federation, has been demanding withdrawal of close to 28,000 United States troops on South Korean soil and complete cessation of the military drills.

During the 2 1/2-hour performance on April 1, Do said the young leader took great interest in "each and every act", asking him about who the singer was and how the song was received in the South.

It's Abe's second trip to the private Florida club that Trump has dubbed the "winter White House".

Mr. Trump said he and the Japanese leader will golf tomorrow, if possible. Both Seoul and Tokyo are concerned that Trump may be inclined to strike a deal with Kim that ends Pyongyang's intercontinental ballistic missile program - thereby protecting the USA and its territories - but keeps intact other shorter range missile programs that are capable of striking Seoul and Tokyo.

Trade is another Japanese concern; Abe's government fears that Trump's "America First" policy will reduce trade between the two nations, or at least make it more costly.

The US-led missile strike on chemical weapons factories in Syria could threaten a long-awaited meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-un.

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