Comey says assumption of a Clinton win factored into email probe announcement

Comey says assumption of a Clinton win factored into email probe announcement

He accused Comey of writing "phony" memos about their interactions and ranted over his handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

In an interview aired Sunday on NBC News' "Meet The Press", the retiring Wisconsin Republican was grilled about the fired director's new book, "A Higher Loyalty", and was asked by host Chuck Todd if Comey was "a man of integrity".

Comey, who ran the Federal Bureau of Investigations for nearly four years, portrays the president in the book as a liar, dumb and rude, and he compares elements of Trump's behavior to that of a Mafia boss.

After an hour of trashing Comey's character and reputation, Trump posted that he barely knew Comey, his favourite way of distancing himself from a contentious figure. Trump claimed Clinton should be detained with a own email system while functioning as secretary of condition plus employed the investigation.

Trump went on to call "Slippery James Comey" the "WORST FBI Director in history, by far" and insist that the notes Comey took documenting his conversations with Trump are "FAKE". "No golf and grandkids talk (give us all a break)!"

Comey's recent behavior has been equally puerile, with the former head of one of the most powerful agencies on Earth lending credence to a patently absurd conspiracy theory involving Trump and prostitutes.

It's the first sit-down, televised interview Comey has given since he was sacked by President Donald Trump past year and the first in a series of interviews he will sit for in the coming weeks.

"It must have been", Comey responds, adding, "I don't remember consciously thinking about that, but it must have been". Trump stated in one of his tweets. But he says he also thinks he did the flawless thing by going making his own announcement noting that the Justice Department had done in other high profile scenarios.

Clinton has said she partly blames Comey's handling of the investigation for her loss, as do many of her supporters.

During the summer of the 2016 campaign, Lynch met with former President Bill Clinton on a tarmac while the email investigation was still underway.

Comey also dismissively describes Trump's orange skin and the white circles under his eyes from what he believes are tanning bed sessions, and compares Trump to a mafia boss.

In a barrage of tweets Sunday morning, President Donald Trump took aim at James Comey, ripping the fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director as "slippery" and a "slimeball".

Trump fired Comey last May and has publicly criticized him since then, but not to this extent.

"His leadership is transactional, ego-driven and about personal loyalty".

Russian Federation has denied interfering in the election and Trump has denied any collusion or improper activity.

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