Taylor Swift Gives Earth, Wind & Fire Classic a Bit of Twang

Acoustic Version of'Delicate and Cover of Earth Wind and Fire's'September

On April 12, she startled fans by nonchalantly posting on Instagram that she'd be dropping an unexpected cover single on Spotify, along with an alternate version of "Delicate". It is a track that Swift acknowledged had sentimental meaning to her. The other notable change here is Swift's adjustment of the song's opening line: She shifts it from "Do you remember the 21th night of September?" to "Do you remember the 28th night of September", which may be a reference to her relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn. One is a stripped-down version of her own song, called Delicate, and the other is a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire's September.

The 28-year-old singer released the new recording as one of her Spotify Singles.

Overall, the song has strong enough bones to endure even a total 180-degree genre change, and it's undeniably a lyrically romantic tune that's right up Swift's alley. A week's difference may seem unremarkable, but this is Taylor Swift we're talking about: an artist famous for sneaking easter eggs into her lyrics.

In classic Swift fashion, the meaning behind the September 28 date is unclear.

"Another simply wrote, "#BlackTwitter I need you to make sure that Taylor Swift's cover of September never sees the light of day", as others expressed their disapproval.

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