Teacher ran 'fight club' in classroom

A former substitute teacher was arrested Thursday for starting a "fight club" at a CT high school, according to police.

CT substitute math teacher Ryan Fish, 23, was arrested after video of him encouraging students to engage in physical brawls was discovered.

Victim 4 told Moorehead that in one instance, he was in Fish's class when victim 3 walked in and without any warning, hit him and "the fight was on".

Fish was sacked by superintendent Brian Levesque in October but it was not reported to police or school officials.

Millcreek Township School District handed out mini baseball bats to 500 teachers after they attended a day of training on how to respond to school shootings. Fish, who has been charged with reckless endangerment, risk of injury to a minor, and breach of peace, is out on $75,000 bail and is set to appear in court in early May. But Rogers says it's a fight they can't afford to lose.

Fallin, who compared the striking teachers to "a teenage kid that wants a better vehicle", said she was glad teachers were returning to school. If your district is closed, we need everyone at the Capitol! "He can say what he wants, but that should not have been happening in the school, in the classroom".

Like its predecessor and partial inspiration, the nine-day teachers' strike in West Virginia, a nine-day teachers' walkout in Oklahoma is ending with some tangible results: a pay increase of roughly $6,000 (with a smaller pay hike for support staff), and some new revenues meant to make higher school funding possible in the immediate future.

Across the state, teachers are bracing for a walkout as a way to pressure state leaders to act on their demands. Police later interviewed one of the combatants, 16, who said in another fight he gave his opponent a bloody lip.

He said he raced to the school, where the principal told him "the substitute teacher assaulted your daughter and there are a few others who were involved". "Had I known then, what I know now, yes, I should have contacted police". At least two separate fights occurring on two different days have been caught on video.

"The truth is I'm an idiot and wanted to befriend them", Fish said, according to the warrant.

Students also told police that Fish allowed them to draw lewd photos on the classroom board and admitted to doing drugs.

Police said Fish told the principal "boys will be boys", after he was confronted about the fighting on October 10, the report said.

The hundreds of Oklahoma teachers that gathered to rally, may have also used that time to decide they want to add another task into their lives.

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