New Feature Blurs Background for Pretty Portraits — Instagram Focus

New Feature Blurs Background for Pretty Portraits — Instagram Focus

Multiple reasons have propelled Instagram in this direction.

Instagram has been quite adamant about not letting you download or export your user data.

It appears Instagram is once again taking a page from Snapchat's playbook.

Instagram wants to take good care of the information its users share, following the data privacy scandal that resulted in a major outcry.

According to an Instagram spokesperson however, the company "initiated and drove the creation of Stories internally and was not pressured". It only allows you to auto download the images and videos you put on Stories. In a recent row of the Facebook data breach, the parent company of Instagram, "Facebook Inc" is now committing to give more control to its use on their data. It's also unclear whether photos and videos will export in the full resolution of what they are uploaded or displayed in, or whether they'll be compressed. Meanwhile, Facebook had introduced this functionality in 2010. If the feature becomes live before May 25, then the company will have complied with Europe's GDPR law that requires data portability. Still it has made people and the users of Instagram amazed. There is also the question of quality of the photos and videos. Though users will be able to download their data, "what kind of data" is still unknown. Instagram says those with an iPhone SE and above can use the feature and so can users of certain unlisted Android devices. InstaPort is one of many third-party apps that has facilitated downloads to the risk of many users. Therefore, the coming of data portability on Instagram will also seek to resolve this issue.

Do you think portability must be on every social media?

Techcrunch notes that, like Snapcodes, Nametags could eventually be used by influencers across social media as a seamless promotional tool - given that they do away with the need to search for users by hand.

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