Trump warns Russia: Missiles 'will be coming' to Syria

President Trump speaks during a Cabinet meeting where he said he would offer a response to a Syrian chemical weapons attack soon

The UK's position comes just a day after US President Donald Trump threatened imminent military action upon Syria, warning Russian Federation that the country could be punished for its allegiance to Assad.

Trump tweet comes a day after he threatened both Russian Federation and Syria over Twitter insisting that USA missiles are coming.

On Tuesday, Trump cancelled his first official trip to Latin America so he could focus on Syria.

The "axis of resistance", referring to the Syrian allies of Iran and Hezbollah, has its choices in dealing with the U.S. threats, Shabaan said, adding that the rule of clashes has changed in favour of the Syrian side.

But it also raises questions of how significant a U.S. strike can be without ruffling Russia's feathers and of how committed Russian Federation is to protecting the Syrian government from Western attacks.

Asked whether the United States military was ready to conduct an attack in Syria if ordered, Mattis replied, "We stand ready to provide military options if they're appropriate, as the president determines". Syria and Russian Federation deny the attack took place.

Did Trump tip his hand?

If the cabinet approves United Kingdom involvement in military action, that would open the way for British forces to join an operation against Syrian targets that US President Donald Trump has said in a tweet "will be coming". He distinguished between official, enlisted soldiers - known as regulars - and military contractors, whom the USA has engaged in the past. Air defenses are on high alert.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned against a missile strike, writing on Facebook Wednesday that it could destroy evidence on the ground and interrupt the work of worldwide investigators.

Trump's spokeswoman dismissed this idea, and pointedly refused to say that concern about the risks of a direct confrontation with Russian Federation would hold the U.S. military back.

As president-elect, Trump held that line, telling supporters his administration would "stop racing to topple foreign regimes that we know nothing about, that we shouldn't be involved with".

Did Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump make a deal?

The Russian military announced on Thursday that the Syrian government is now in full control of a town on the outskirts of Damascus that was held by the rebels and that was the site of suspected chemical attack over the weekend.

"Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria", Trump wrote.

"Potentially we could be past the worst here", Mark Nash, head of fixed income at Old Mutual Global Investors, says in interview on Bloomberg TV. He said the president has not yet decided whether military force would be part of a US response in Syria.

"New, stealthy JASSM missiles could be delivered by B-1B and B-52 (and now likely F-15E and F-16)", Mount said.

However, the United States does hope French and British aircraft as well as ships will be part of the strikes as both nations continue to weigh the possibility of a joint response. Earlier, various official Russian agencies repeatedly warned that preparations had been underway in different parts of Syria for provocations and simulations of chemical attacks that would be blamed on government forces.

The Ministry of Defence refused to comment on reports that a submarine had been dispatched to the Mediterranean - but it would be surprising if this had not been done.

May will host a Cabinet meeting on Thursday "to discuss the response to Syria", a Downing Street spokesperson confirmed to CNN.

"We have the proof that last week, ten days ago, chemical weapons, at least chlorine, were used and they were used by Bashar al-Assad's regime", Macron told French network TF1.

Mr Philp also said that, even if there was a vote, a number of Labour backbenchers had already expressed their willingness to side with the government and back military action.

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