Equal Pay Day public awareness event held at State Capitol

Gender pay gap revealed at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Tuesday, April 10 is Equal Pay Day 2018, in which we consider the gender wage gap that exists between men and women.

The report also found women were outperforming their male colleagues during that time frame: They were 12% more likely to be rated as a top performer in performance ratings in 2015, and 21% more likely in 2017. Many people gathered at Daley Plaza to protest the inequality.

Today, on average, an American woman earns around 80 cents for every dollar a man earns, and women's median annual earnings are $10,500 less than men's, according to a recent report by the Senate Joint Economic Committee Democratic Staff. -- These charts illustrate the significant pay discrepancies between men and women based on race, age, geographical location, and more.

In the United Kingdom the government is also making long overdue moves to even the playing field, though they are doing it by way of what The New York Times is calling "transparency and shame". According to research by the American Association of University Women, for every $1 paid to white men, Hispanic women eared 54 cents, African American women earned 63 cents, white women earned 79 cents and Asian American women earned 87 cents.

Compared to the already horrendous 20% gender pay gap, The NYT shared information that designers like Karen Millen actually had an even more staggering 49% gap, while beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics reported one that sat around 30.7%. The narrowest gender wage gap exists in NY and DE, where women earn 89% of the median salary for men.

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