Candy-Crazed Consumers Hoarding Necco Wafers In Fear Of Factory Shutdown

NECCO in Revere Wednesday

Word that the country's oldest continuously operating candy company might shut down has people suddenly hoarding Necco Wafers, despite the candy's unpopularity among, well, nearly everyone.

In response to the announcement, sales of NECCO's chalky candy wafers - which typically get (at best) mixed reviews - increased by 63% as orders poured in from panicked sugar fiends across the country.

In March, Necco announced that 395 workers could be laid off if the company does not find a buyer.

The makers of a cult favorite candy saw sales spike after news of a potential company shutdown hit.

He runs Sugar Heaven in Somerville, Massachusetts, and said the factory closure wouldn't just mean the end of Neccos, but also other iconic sweets like Squirrel Nut Zippers, Mary Jane candy and Slap Stix.

Katie Samuels, 23, offered to trade her Honda Accord for some Necco Wafers that are soon to be discontinued.

One Florida woman even went as far as to offer, an online bulk store based in Los Angeles, her auto in return for as many packages of Necco Wafers as possible. I want all that candy, she said. I've got this vehicle.

"Ms Samuels however did manage to buy 48 rolls of Necco Wafers". One woman wanted 100 pounds of Necco's glorified Tums, which she planned to vacuum-seal to keep her prepper stash fresh "for years". "I guess what I said was kind of impulsive".

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