Watch Walmart Yodeller Mason Ramsey Perform Hank Williams' Legendary 'Lovesick Blues'

Walmart Yodeling Boy meme helps nearly 70-year-old song challenge Cardi B, The Weeknd on Spotify charts

DeGeneres told Ramsey that he would be performing at the Grand Ole Opry for a massive concert, which is Ramsey's dream.

Yodel-Ay-Hee-Ho! Eleven-year-old yodeler and YouTube sensation Mason Ramsey performed on "Ellen" Tuesday, when host Ellen DeGeneres surprised the local Walmart star with a couple of incredible gifts.

"Well, because that's the only store we've got", Ramsey tells her good-naturedly.

GalaticFusion hopped on the bandwagon rather quickly and chose to upload his "EDM Remix" of the Yodeling Walmart Kid along with a free download.

The overjoyed kid is well on his way to carving up a career out of his country singing, but even without DeGeneres' incredible gesture, he's already made great strides. After his solo performance of "Lovesick Blues", where Mason sings/yodels and plays the guitar beautifully, Ellen returns to the stage to present him with a $15,000 scholarship for college and a gig at the Grand Ole Opry this coming Saturday! According to a report from Time, streaming replays of "Lovesick Blues" shot up nearly 2,500 percent after Ramsey's video went viral.

Released in 1949, "Lovesick Blues" became William's first song to top Billboard's country singles chart, and remains one of Williams' biggest hit songs to date, though there's no doubt Ramsey has helped popularise it in this current moment. The record reached number 1 on the charts quickly and then went on to make 11 million copies.

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