The World's First Luxury Space Hotel Is Now Taking Reservations

For $9.5 million you can stay at the first-ever luxury hotel in space

Interested travelers can book their seat through reserve your spot online with a refundable deposit.

The 12-day stay starts at US$9.5 million (RM36.8 million) per person, or about US$791,666 a night.

Frank Bunger, chief executive officer and founder of Orion Span, said that the price point is lower than most other people have paid to go to space. The journey will last a total of 12 days, and will include experiences like zero gravity and helping grow food in space.

Since commercial spaceflight has yet to take humans into space, Aurora Station visitors will have three months of training, which would begin with online courses to better understand "basic spaceflight, orbital mechanics, and pressurized environments in space", officials told Bloomberg.

The hotel orbits Earth every 90 minutes, giving guests a view of 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours. "When we reach capacity, we simply launch another of the same space station and attach it to Aurora's radial hub", Bunger added. "Our goal is to make space accessible to all, by continuing to drive greater value at lower cost".

"Aurora Station will be the World's First Luxury Space Hotel in orbit 200 miles above the Earth's surface", the company writes on its website.

Richard Garriott, a video game developer who reportedly shelled out $30 million for a two-week stay at the ISS in 2008, told NBC News that Orion Span's initiative is critical for "both research and private use". Orion Span has a team of space industry veterans who together have more than 140 years of human space experience. "We support a range of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) missions, including, In Situ Manufacturing, Microgravity Research, Space Hardware Validation, and more", the company said.

He said: "As Aurora Station continues to grow with market demand, we will also sell space condos - your own capacity aboard Aurora Station and future space stations to visit, sublease, or one day live in as you wish". It'll be 14.1 feet wide by 43.5 feet long (4.3 meters by 13.3). The next portion will be completed in-person at Orion Span's state-of-the-art training facility in Houston, Texas. The launch of Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy from the Kennedy Space Center in February, for example, was the latest in a series of milestones that have renewed companies' interest in space.

Orion Span is assessing potential funding sources to get the endeavour off the ground, but won't disclose how much it wants to raise for the project, a spokeswoman said.

Orion Span's technology enables us to bring down the cost of visiting and living in space by orders of magnitude.

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