Apple reportedly developing gesture controls, curved screens for iPhones ars_ab.settitle(1287905)

According to a report by Bloomberg, the Cupertino is working to bring touchless gesture capabilities to iPhone in the coming future.

Now that the wheel has been reinvented, however, Apple is expected in 2018 to once again release iterative iPhone updates.

The innovative tech is thought to be advanced enough to sense your finger's proximity to the iPhone screen.

Apple may try to make the feature work more along the lines of 3D Touch, but the simpler air gesture feature has been seen on phones from Samsung in the past. But Apple's long-lasting distaste for curved displays may be going the way of its hatred of big-screen phones - which was legendary back in the day before the first Plus iPhone launched. Although the iPhone does boast the best camera out of any smartphone, nearly all of their other features have been implemented and mastered by other manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, and Sony.

The second experimental feature in Bloomberg's report relates to Apple designing iPhones with a display that curves inwards in the middle. Apple is still in the early development stages with those technologies. Except for the iPhone X, all the other iPhone models so far have sported a flat display.

OLED, or organic light emitting diode, displays can be shaped into curves or even folded, unlike the less-flexible LCD screen technology used in prior iPhones. Assumptions are that Apple may not be ready to mass produce such iPhones for the next two years. Smartphones have become increasingly similar as Apple, Samsung, Google, and Huawei Technologies adopt features like full screens, advanced cameras, and facial recognition at roughly the same time.

Additionally, rumours of a second iPhone X with a larger 6.5 inch OLED screen being released later this year round off the report.

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