Turkish Army hasn't completed work in Syria's Afrin: Erdogan

Erdogan says Turkey killed 38 PKK fighters in Shingal

The victory of the Kurdish fighting force known as the YPG, which Turkey considers to be a terrorist organisation, came after eight weeks of fighting in the surrounding province in northwestern Syria.

"It appears the majority of the population of the city, which is predominantly Kurdish, evacuated under threat of attack from Turkish military forces and Turkish-backed opposition forces", she added.

"We are also concerned over reports of looting inside the city of Afrin".

The PKK has been based in Qandil mountain region near Iraq's border with Iran, but Erdogan said a "second Qandil" was being established in Sinjar, further west.

"Now we will continue this process until we entirely eliminate this corridor, including in Manbij, Ayn al-Arab, Tel-Abyad, Ras al-Ayn and Qamishli", Erdogan said in a speech in Ankara. But if you can not we will suddenly enter Sinjar one night and clear this region of terrorists.

A day after Turkish troops swept into Afrin, the main town in a pocket of Kurdish-controlled territory in northwest Syria, Erdogan said Turkey would also target a region stretching almost 400 km (250 miles) east to the northern Syrian town of Qamishli.

They also picked through debris for bombs and unexploded ordnance after explosions killed at least 13 of them on Sunday.

USA support of Syria's Kurdish militia, which Turkey views as a threat to its national security, has soured relations between the two North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies.

When asked about the possible effects of U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's departure from the ongoing Manbij talks, Kalın said: "Continuity in state affairs is essential".

"Politically, though, it would be very hard to accomplish", he said. The YPG retreated amid the swift Turkish offensive on Afrin's town centre, and vowed to start a "new phase" of fighting against the Turkish troops and allied fighters.

"Afrin is one of the most strategic areas of northwest Syria".

He last heard from her two months ago when she told him she would not be doing any fighting - but Mr Campbell said he had suspected she was.

Thousands of Afrin residents streamed out of the town before the Turkish troops entered.

Three Kurdish militias - the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), the People's Protection Units (YPG) and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) - have borne the brunt of Turkey's offensive in Afrin. Federica Mogherini told reporters in Brussels that worldwide efforts in Syria should be aimed at "de-escalating the military activities and not escalating them".

A senior Kurdish official, Aldar Khalil, called the Turkish offensive an "occupation" that endangers the rest of the region, saying "the whole of northern Syria is in danger". He claims they were targeted deliberately by Turkish warplanes.

The commander's characterization of "some bad apples" seemed at odds with what Kilic photographed: a masked man driving a tractor laden with motorbikes, rebels in uniform carrying stacks of soft drinks and crates of food, and a fighter clutching a goat in the bed of a truck.

"If they have not yet stolen my things, they will in an hour", he said.

Her father explained his daughter's Kurdish comrades tried to stop her heading to Afrin, north Syria earlier this year. "We will represent her in the entirety of our struggles", she said.

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