Bomb threats received by a 'number' of schools in North Yorkshire

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The threat, posted to Twitter, claimed that the bombs were set to detonate three hours after the warning was received unless a $5000 ransom was paid.

Many parents around the United Kingdom received messages from primary and secondary schools saying that there had been a hoax threat today, and some of the schools were evacuated after the message was received.

Whilst schools elsewhere in the country were evacuated as a precaution, schools in Lancashire were not.

Police were called to schools across the United Kingdom on March 19, 2018, after bomb threats were sent out by email.

Police say a number of bomb threats made to schools in North Yorkshire appear to be part of a wider scale issue.

Authorities have now described the threats as "hoaxes" and said they were sent from the US.

Velt operators say their opponents in the rivalry have harassed them with illegal activities, of which this is the latest example.

A police spokeswoman for Northumbria police said that officers had visited schools to reassure students and staff.

Police forces around the country have said there are not believed to be any "viable threats".

"We take hoaxes extremely seriously as they divert our resources and can cause disruption and alarm to the public".

"If you do not send the money!" If you try to call the cops, we will blow up the device on the SPOT!

The website,, is a player community for the video-game Minecraft.

The emails were spoofed to look like they had been sent by a gaming network known as VeltPvP.

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