WhatsApp changes its 'delete for everyone' feature

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Now the Facebook-owned firm behind the app has introduced the ability to block such requests, in a bid to counter these illegal deletions. WhatsApp revealed the "delete for everyone" feature in back in October 2017.

Will the deleted message disappear completely?

Now, the application would check the current date and the date of the saved message. This looks quite weird, but yes we all can now make use of this time window to delete the wrongly sent messages to the contacts. The reports also highlights that if the recipient's phone is not switched on within 24 hours, the revoke request will be considered invalid. This allows people to delete a message sent to groups or individuals, thereby removing the offending content and leaving recipients with only, "This message was deleted". Simply recall the message with the latest update.

To delete a WhatsApp message, all the sender needs to do is hold their finger down on the message until the option to "Delete" pops up.

Tap "Delete for everyone" and the message will disappear.

It means that whether you have misspelled something, sent a message in the wrong chat group or even just written something that you now regret, you can remove it from the conversation.

After its initial launch past year, the option to delete sent messages was well-received. However, recently, the company increased this time limit to 4,096 seconds (or 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds).

The new timing is now 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. Probably WhatsApp will update its documentation once this new time limit is rolled out to users across all platforms through stable channel.

You will know when the user has read your message with the Blue ticks but those can be disabled.

The feature was first noticed on version 2.18.31 of the iOS app, but presumably will be rolling out to Android in the coming days.

WhatsApp has expanded the amount of time it gives you to delete a message after mistakenly sending it. However, one can disable this rel-time access within a chat at any time.

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