Claire Foy paid significantly less than Matt Smith on The Crown

Netflix The Crown Pay Claire Foy Matt Smith

But considering Foy's Queen Elizabeth is the anchor and driving force of the show, it's baffling that Smith would still be paid more than her in the second season.

Even royals, it seems, may suffer from the gender pay gap.

The creators of The Crown have admitted Claire Foy - who portrays the Queen - was paid less than her male counterpart. This comes as a bit of a shock considering that Foy earned an Emmy nomination and won both a Golden Globe and SAG Award for best actress for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth's early years.

Smith, 35, was not similarly honoured.

At a conference in Jerusalem Tuesday, Left Bank creative director Suzanne Mackie said Smith made more money than Foy due to his fame from playing the eleventh Doctor on the hit British series Doctor Who, according to Variety's report from the event.

They did not give details of the gap. New actors are being brought in to take over Foy and Smith's roles, among others, for the previously announced third and fourth seasons with those parts being recast for what is expected to be a fifth and sixth season. Mackie added, "Going forward, no one gets paid more than the Queen".

They did not reveal either salary - Foy's was put at $40,000 an episode by Variety past year - but told a panel event in Jerusalem that Smith's 2010-2013 starring role on the BBC's Doctor Who had been the decisive factor.

Meanwhile, Netflix declined to comment on the salary disparity, while Foy and Smith's publicists are yet to comment at all. What Mr. Smith made for "The Crown" has not been disclosed.

Variety also reported the show had a production budget of around US$7 million per episode.

In 2017, Emma Stone topped the best-paid actress list with $26 million in estimated annual earnings, while Mark Wahlberg was the highest paid man with $68 million.

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