Taylor Swift Explains Her Disappearance in 'Delicate' Video

A still from Taylor Swift's music video for'Delicate'/Image from YouTube

The pop-star, who premiered the music video for 'Delicate' on 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards, won the Female Artist of the Year Award at the ceremony.

Delicate is the fourth music video for a song off her Reputation album following Look What You Made Me Do, . Taylor Swift plays a standard celebrity who's exhausted of the never-ending fame and media attention.

The Washington Post speculates that the video is really an explanation as to why Taylor's been laying low lately and alludes to the fact that she's trying to keep her relationship out of the public eye.

The nearly four-minute clip opens with Swift looking sad while being interviewed on the red carpet.

In the clip, Swift, 28, seems to turn invisible, and subsequently gets to be her real, goofy, fun-loving self without having to put on a facade.

Then, outta nowhere, she goes full-Sia and starts dancing around the hotel like nobody's watching.

There are of course stylistic differences between the two clips: the Kenzo advert doesn't see Qualley leaving the building, for instance, while Swift later continues her song-and-dance on both a subway auto and a rain-soaked street.

Swift will soon embark on her next world tour for Reputation.

Watch the "Delicate" video below! See more of their cute hiking date in the video below. Something we should all be able to relate to. The lyric even says, "My reputation's never been worse, so you must like me for me". Swift's a singer and guitarist by trade, but through her dancing and facial expressions, she's learned to tell stories with her whole body.

"Sometimes I wonder when you sleep/Are you ever dreaming of me?/Sometimes when I look into your eyes/I pretend you're mine, all the damn time/'Cause I like you", she sings.

We know a lot of Swifties out there have a lot of mixed feelings about this video, but we think it's the first sign that the old Taylor is in fact NOT dead.

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