Murphy on ex-Liverpool teammate Carragher: I've spoken to him

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Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher apologised for his actions after a video emerged of him spitting towards a 14-year-old girl in a auto from his vehicle.

Video evidence surfaced of the father shouting "2-1" at Carragher before he inexplicably spat in the direction of the auto and the teenage girl mumbled that it hit her face. The girl then wound down her window before her father shouted "Unlucky Jamie lad".

And former Manchester United defender Neville, who works with Carragher as a pundit for Sky Sports, posted on Twitter: "I've just watched @Carra23 say sorry".

He said: "I'm in no position to question or disagree if someone wants to have a pop or the police want to speak to me. For Christ's sake, he is supposed to be one of the top men", he told Talk Sport. I wish I could go back and change it, but I can't do that.

"I'm sure there will be repercussions for him and he'll take them on the chin, but all you can do when you do mess up is hold your hands up and try and deal with it the best you can".

In a tweet on Sunday night Carragher wrote: "Totally out of order & Ive apologised personally to all the family this evening". "I said, "Hey Jamie, good result, 2-1" and he sort of looked at me and I said, "2-1, ha ha" and his face just changed".

"Everyone will have their own views but I can give more context with regard the person he is and the build up to him doing it".

Carragher, who is worth around £15million, said today: 'I'll speak to the family again. "I've let my family down but I've let the family in the vehicle opposite me down".

A man driving alongside Carragher on the motorway rolled down his window to goad the former Liverpool star about the scoreline and Carragher responded by spitting in his direction.

"I have brought shame on the name of football".

When asked why he did it, Carragher called it a "moment of madness".

Former Wimbledon player Vinnie Jones commented on the incident saying: "Spitting at 14-year-olds through a window? It's been something we all could have done without but all I can do now is apologise".

'I was spat at once during my career.

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has been reportedly pulled out of analyzing Manchester United-Sevilla in Uefa Champions League clash tomorrow. "That is Sky's decision, not my decision", he said.

In 2011, Sky sacked football pundit Andy Gray after evidence emerged of sexist behaviour towards female colleagues. Once you've made such a mistake it's about how you act now.

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