Study Says Android Users Are More Loyal Than iOS Users

Study Says Android Users Are More Loyal Than iOS Users

Meanwhile, in 9To5Google's report, one of the most noted changes in Android P was the addition of a battery level indicator when the device is on Always-on Display mode.

While Apple handily beats every other smartphone, tablet, laptop and presumably smartwatch manufacturer out there in terms of customer loyalty, things change when you pit Cupertino's popular mobile operating system against the even wider-spread Android platform. Apple's iOS, however, is in a distant second place with a 20 percent share.

A recent Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) report conducted with USA data (reported on by TechCrunch) shows Android has a 91 percent loyalty rate - its highest peak yet - compared with 86 percent for iOS.

Today, Android has a 91% loyalty rate, compared with 86% for iOS, measured as the percentage of US customers who stayed with their operating system when they upgraded their phone in 2017. This was measured as the percentage of United States customers who stayed with their OS of choice when they upgraded their phone in 2017.

Two weeks ago, Google announced plans to bring Lens to Google Photos for Android and iOS as well as Assistant for Android.

The report states that their loyalty has increased in recent times reaching its highest peak. Both Google and Apple have now become focused on services as they try to extract larger revenues from their respective user bases, according to TechCrunch.

While most of our latest Android devices are operating on Google's Android Oreo 8.0, Google has been planning for its next update for some time now. Logically, the number of users that abandoned their former operating system naturally just switch over to the competition.

However, CIRP says it's worth noting that the rate of those switching is different from the number of people switching. Someone can choose between smartphones launched from the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC, and others without actually ditching Android altogether. In 2013, data showed that iPhone users were more loyal than their Android counterparts.

"As for OS brand loyalty, its tied up in lot variables as with Android there are many companies and products in the mix including Android OEMs and the carriers", Brian Blau, a researcher at Gartner, told TechRepublic. In Android P it seems to have widened that particular gap, as messaging apps, in particular, will soon be able to suggest smart replies and will be showing more information on each notification.

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