Stormy Daniels calls Trump-related attention 'double-edged sword'

A sign at Little Darlings Las Vegas advertises an upcoming performance at the strip club by adult film actress  director Stormy Daniels

Trump has not publicly addressed the alleged illicit dalliance.

"Has anyone offered, has anyone, including Larry Flint - but I want to ask this in universal sense - has anyone offered to pony up the million dollars to protect her and say "here, I'm good for it, go tell your story"?" In fact, she nails the look and mannerisms to such an extent, that you'd swear Colbert was talking to the real thing!

"Stephen, I told you before, I don't care about this woman, Slimey Manholes", said Benanti as Trump.

On Thursday, a nonprofit watchdog group has asked the Justice Department and the Office of Government Ethics to investigate whether the secret payment to Daniels, which Cohen says came from his own pocket and was made without Trump's knowledge, may have violated federal law because Trump did not list it on his financial disclosure forms.

Clifford has been in the adult entertainment business for 17 years, she said.

Michael Finnegan is a Los Angeles Times writer.

Cohen has never stated the reason for payment.

"It's sort of been a double-edged sword where a lot of people are very interested in booking me for dancing and stuff like this", Clifford told CNN, taking away time from films and projects she's supposed to be promoting. She also admitted to "capitalizing" on her fame.

And later, an email provided to CNN by Clifford's attorney showed Cohen used his Trump Organization signature in an email. "I'm actually one of the most successful adult movie directors in the business".

Avenatti on Friday revealed that Daniels will break her silence in an interview with "60 Minutes", which is scheduled to air on Sunday. "Melania. Great, great first lady", he said.

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