'SNL' Cold Open Spoofs 'The Bachelor' Finale, Mueller Probe

'SNL' Cold Open Spoofs 'The Bachelor' Finale, Mueller Probe

She continues later, saying, "The more time that goes by, you know, the more that I keep thinking about obstruction".

As much as we might talk about actual scripted dramas or reality television, the saga that's actually captivating the nation these days is the Trump administration, something Saturday Night Live has used to its massive advantage for almost two seasons now.

First up was the cold open, a remarkably accurate recreation of Monday's instantly infamous The Bachelor finale, with Cecily Strong in the role as the soon-to-be-jilted Becca and Kate McKinnon as. special counsel Robert Mueller!

The sketch opened with "The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison, portrayed by cast member Alex Moffat, warning the viewers they were about to see something that could be a bit hard to watch.

Cecily Strong played a destraught Rebecca Kufrin, the jilted victor of this season's "Bachelor", and Kate McKinnon played Mueller.

The news left Becca upset.

"So what, you don't have Trump on collusion", Strong's Kufrin shot back, hurt and stunned.

"The reality is that I don't think I can give you everything that you want right now, and I think you sense that", SNL's Mueller said.

"Collusion is literally the only thing I've been looking forward to for the past year", Strong cried. "I let my walls down for you, so I have to wait two more years until he's out of office?"

McKinnon's Mueller informed his tearful sweetheart that there's a chance Trump could survive the 2020 political gauntlet, when he's expected to seek a second term.

Becca then asks if Mueller has any good news to offer at all. But this skit might just make me cue it up.

McKinnon's Mueller can't promise Becca that he will charge Trump with collusion in his investigation into Russia's alleged interference in the United States election, because he can't get obstruction of justice off his mind. At least that seemed to cheer her up.

Watch the complete skit in the video above.

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