Robert Downey Jr says Avengers are 'like a family'

Robert Downey Jr says Avengers are 'like a family'

A recent post on Samuel L. Jackson's Instagram page from a behind the scenes peek at Captain Marvel may hint at Nick Fury being a secret Skrull.

For years, the Holy Grail (or at least a Holy Grail; we're nerds, we can have multiple grails) of Marvel movie fandom was the notion that Sony Pictures would hand the rights to Spider-Man back over to Marvel Studios so that Peter Parker could finally stand alongside Tony Stark on the big screen. According to Feige, Marvel wanted to explore a time period when Nick Fury did not know about this larger universe of superheroes existing. That meant she could be the singular hero, but place it within timing of the [Marvel Cinematic Universe]. And one of the films that we are waiting for the most is none other than Captain Marvel, with Brie Larson in the title role of the first super-heroine in the MCU to have the right to his own film solo.

The image reveals Samuel L. Jackson apparently getting fitted for something, or perhaps a likeness is being created of the actor as Captain Marvel takes place in the 1990s. That's about as iconic as you get, looking at kind of those cool street level fights, street level vehicle chases, and fun stuff like that. "Like all of our genre inspirations, there are bits and pieces here and there". Well, we want to go back to a time when he didn't know it yet, and really showcase and announce that Carol Danvers was that first hero that Nick came across. The incredible superhuman forces of Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk and Black Widow will unite in clashes that pit student against mentor, sister against sister and brother against brother. Kevin Feige will produce the film.

The looming threat of a hurled moon might just be enough to get Marvel to spill the beans on its next big film, Avengers: Infinity War.

"I would say no".

This is what makes Captain Marvel even more exciting than it already could be. Anna Fleck and Ryan Boden are directing from a script originally written by Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Meg LeFauve (Inside Out), which was rewritten by Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Tomb Raider).

Looking ahead to the release of "Avengers: Infinity War" this year and its as-yet-untitled sequel in 2019, he shared: "We're going to pull out the stops, and stop exploring conventions, and look to do stuff where we go, "Oh, but if we do that, that's very, very definitive".

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