Mario Day event starts popping up in Google Maps for some

Mario Day event starts popping up in Google Maps for some

But why is March 10 Mario Day, we hear you ask?

So, who knows? Maybe this will bring Mario Kart to phones, someday. The result: Mario himself will join you in his Super Circuit-era go kart to drive alongside you.

Everyone's favorite Italian Plumber is invading Google Maps in anticipation of a special day for the mustached character. "A new yellow "?" icon will appear next to destinations, which will enable Mario to become the navigation arrow in his kart and accompany you along your commute. But suppose you want to celebrate Mario and not have to shell out any cash to do so? You'll then see a prompt to enable Mario Time! Going forward, Mario will be your companion wherever you are driving this week-school, work, restaurant-anywhere.

The feature, added in partnership with Nintendo, even has an Easter egg, The Verge reports.

As part of the working relationship with Starlight Children's Foundation, Nintendo will provide the latest designs for the foundation's Starlight Brave Gowns.

Tomorrow will be the 10th of March, and for most people this will be just another day. It's not quite Mario Kart Tour, but maybe it'll make the wait a little easier. Mario will only be available inside Maps for the next week, so take advantage of this fun feature while you can. Google Maps also offers "street view", an option that lets a user see what it looks like on the ground in any given location.

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