The NBA flat-out called out the Chicago Bulls for tanking

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The NBA has made it clear that they do not like the notion of teams tanking, and they apparently warned the Chicago Bulls about the practice. Lopez has sat out the past six games for Chicago while Holiday has missed five of the past six, leaving the Bulls without two of their most productive players and respected leaders.

National Basketball Association teams are tanking at an impressive rate as the 2017-18 season comes to a close, and the league is not happy about it.

"After the All-Star break we had communication with the league office about Robin and Justin's roles", Bulls executive VP John Paxson said. The NBA wants teams to put their best players on the floor at all times.

Robin Lopez, who is averaging 12.3 points and 4.7 rebounds per game, has not played since February 14 despite being healthy. It is engaging in a race to the bottom with other teams trying to position themselves for the NBA Draft lottery.

Chicago Bulls guard/forward Justin Holiday will return to the starting lineup against the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday. However, despite all of the losing lately, they have just the eighth-worst record overall.

In as politically correct terms as possible, Paxson essentially says the Bulls got called out for tanking. The NBA has reacted similarly in the past when contenders rest multiple healthy players on the night of a national TV game. The team has lost five of the six games in which he Saturday Justin Holiday, who is averaging 13 points per game, has only played once since the All-Star break. The Bulls, 21-42, now sits at the 12th spot in the East.

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