Porsche Mission E Cross Tursimo electric crossover revealed in Geneva

Concept CUV’s 310-mile range expected to match that of forthcoming Mission E sedan

But we digress. The Mission E Cross Turismo is a concept conceived to directly compete with Tesla's Model X once it reaches production form.

Off-road elements have been incorporated as well, with protection to the wheel arches and door sills.

Adaptive air suspension has also been fitted and can increase the car's ground clearance by 50 millimetres, while active roll stabilisation helps reduce body roll when cornering at speed. Thanks to its 800-volt architecture, the Cross Turismo's lithium-ion battery pack is capable of adding almost 200 miles of range in 15 minutes, according to Porsche.

That's an ugly moniker, and an ever uglier automobile, but if you speak modern vehicle name you have probably already worked out that this is a variant of the previous Porsche Mission E all-electric concept that prays on the current trend for both crossovers and estate cars.

Oliver Blume, the chief executive of Porsche AG, said the Mission E Cross Turismo was a vision for the future.

Reiterating Blume's comments that the Mission E Cross Turismo was created as a feasibility study, Mauer adds it will be useful "to find out if this vehicle has future potential".

As it turns out, Porsche's surprise is an all-electric crossover. Porsche also had its own EV debut, something that received more attention than any of its high-performance 911 variants - the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Concept. When it comes to charging, the Mission E Cross Turismo can be charged using induction, at a charging station or using Porsche's home energy storage system.

Inside the auto Porsche has opted for a clean, minimalist and uncluttered approach that removes switches, buttons and dials for screens and touch inputs. A unique feature of the MMI experience is the driver display with eye tracking control which brings the display the driver is looking at to the foreground of the display. The panel can be further changed using touch input controls mounted to the steering wheel.

Inside, the backrest of each individual rear seat has a load-through facility.

The four bucket-style seats are finished in black and blue leather trim and Nordic Blue anodised accents add contrast to bezels and small trims, that can all be dulled with moody indirect ambient lighting.

While still just a concept, this Mission E Cross Turismo looks to be near production-ready.

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