Enterprise Foods to recall affected products, but conducting own listeriosis tests

The producers of the meat have been blamed for taking too long to arrest the outbreak

THE source of the listeriosis outbreak has been traced the Ministry of Health announced at a press briefing on Sunday.

Tiger brands has stated that they will be meeting with the National Consumer Commission (NCC) today.

"RCL Foods is sharing all results from its testing, both internally and externally, with the relevant authorities", Heath said."We will continue to take every precaution to safeguard our products as well as our consumers".

"Such contamination of ready-to-eat processed meat products constitutes a health risk".

This is what most of the patients in the outbreak that killed 180 people were infected with.

A chilly, handled meat item made by South Africa's greatest maker of buyer sustenances is the reason for the progressing outbreak, which has a shocking 27 percent casualty rate.

Results from the factory tests should have taken just over two weeks but a shortage of solution used for testing listeria in the country delayed results‚ said National Institute for Communicable Diseases Dr Juno Thomas. Ninety three (85%) people reported eating ready-to-eat (RTE) processed meat products, of which polony was the most common followed by viennas/sausages and then other "cold meats".

On 12 January, nine children under the age of five years were presented to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital with febrile gastroenteritis. So did a stool sample from one of the children. These isolates were sent to the NICD Centre for Enteric Diseases, and underwent whole genome sequencing and genomic analysis.

"The source of the present Listeriosis outbreak has been traced to the Enterprise factory in Polokwane and it tested positive for ST6 strain".

"To conclude the investigation, whole genome sequencing analysis was performed from this Enterprise factory".

The cause of the outbreak strain ST6 was confirmed in 16 environmental samples collected from the Enterprise facility.

Like-wise, Pick n Pay is also removing the products.

With the exception of the significantly higher numbers, South Africa's listeria outbreak is shockingly like Canada's involvement in 2008.

As of 02 March 2018, a total of laboratory-confirmed cases have risen to 948, still counting from January 2017.

Together with the Public Service Accountability Monitoring (PSAM) Grocott's Mail has attempted to get clarity from the Makana Sub-District of the Eastern Cape Department of Health on monitoring and containment of listeriosis in Makana, as well as further confirmation of cases.

The breakthrough seems to have ushered in a series of more stringent regulations for manufacturers, which has been lacking, considering the fatal effects of the outbreak.

Compliance notices will also be issued to facilities in terms of the National Health Act. "Customers who bought any Enterprise product (including Bokkie, Renown, Lifestyle, Mieliekip), or any Rainbow ready-to-eat products, e.g., polony or Russians can return the product for a full refund".

Though the Clinical Guidelines state that two linked patients must have consumed the contaminated source within 72 hours of expressing symptoms, infections like listeriosis are exceptions.

Educational awareness campaigns are well under way and any suspected products are being recalled. However, it's increased by consumption of unpasteurised milk, milk products and prepared meat products.

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