Apple to launch the cheapest Macbook Air this year!

AppleCurrent line of Mac Book Air from Apple

According to 9to5Mac, Kuo reckons a MacBook Air "with a lower price tag" could pop up in the second quarter of 2018.

Yes, Apple is reportedly planning to come up with even more cheaper MacBook Air.

Apple's MacBook Air is undoubtedly the most popular ultra-thin Laptop available in the technology market, however the giant has not don't anything new with its design and variants for a long time. On the other hand, as for the new iPhones coming this year, Kuo says that the entry-level 6.1-inch model of 2018 iPhone lineup will make for a strong year for suppliers such as Unimicron and Apple partners Wistron and Pegatron. However, the most striking of all information is his claim that Apple is planning a more affordable 13-inch MacBook Air for this year. The analyst didn't pin down a particular price point, sadly.

The new computers will come with custom co-processors, and with Kuo's note, it seems that one of them will be the lower priced MacBook Air. The laptop was given a slightly faster processor, with a default RAM of 8GB.

Details on the upcoming cheaper version of the MacBook Air are sparse. The big question is whether or not Apple can move past the Air's old 1,440 x 900 display, which isn't very competitive when many newer laptops have 1080p displays with richer colors.

The 13.3-inch notebook is expected to get a refresh during the second quarter of this year, so let us run through some details, specifications, and features and we believe might be present on the updated notebook.

How much cheaper than $999 this new MacBook Air would be, Kuo doesn't tell us.

Once again, to keep the costs low, we could see Apple implement a single Type-C USB port, but unlike the 12-inch MacBook, this port could provide support for Thunderbolt 3. Until the company makes an official announcement, MacBook Air fans will just have to hope and wait.

Will Apple finally give the MacBook Air its due attention?

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